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Love and sabotage

Marty, a young reporter during World War II, just out of Smith College, wants to investigate a mysterious fire in the shipyard and impress the editor. 


But the editor is becoming much too friendly even though she is engaged to a Marine fighter pilot stationed in the Pacific. Worse yet, the editor is annoyed women are taking over men’s jobs and he admires another new reporter Ben.

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Out of thousands of submissions, Love and Sabotage became a finalist in the 17th annual American Fiction Awards, sponsored by the American Book Fest. 


The Silver Literary Titan Book Award is bestowed on books that expertly deliver complex characters, intricate worlds, and thought-provoking themes. 

Katie series

The Katie Hart series began in 1965 with the publication of Too Many Boys in hardcover, and was later re-titled Katie and Those Boys by Scholastic Publishing in 1974. Recently, the Katie series has been re-issued as eBooks with a brand new cover design.

Darci series

The Darci series began with Who's Reading Darci's Diary, which was originally published in 1984 by Lodestar Dutton, then re-printed by Scholastic. Who's Reading Darci's Diary was a Junior Literary Guild Selection. Also, Darci in Cabin 13 was an International Literacy Association finalist. 

Other books

Here are some other popular titles by Martha Tolles. Marrying Off Mom, published in 1990 by Scholastic, became an International Literacy Association finalist. Pockets Full of Gold, What Happens to the Dog, and When Rudy Crowed were published first as serialized stories in the LA Times then as paperback books by Dominie/Pearson.

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